PreSonus NEW Affordable StudioLive 16.0.2 Digital Mixer

Follow-up to the undeniable success of the award-winning studio Live ™ 16.4.2 and 24.4.2 live in the studio, PRESONUS ™ announced a new live digital recording studio 16.0.2 and performance of the mixer. Compact, portable and rack-mountable (option), 16.0.2 live in the studio is ideal for small bands, personal studios, intimate clubs, small churches, local organizations, training facilities, in applications where a compact, high quality live mixing and recording at an affordable price, and do not need sophisticated features such as sub-mixer and add the channel.

The StudioLive 16.0.2 provides the same excellent audio quality more StudioLive both models, high-margin, processing 32-bit floating point, XMAX ™ mic preamps, acclaimed by critics, and 24-bit, 48 kHz digital converters 118 dB dynamic range. The new console also has a pair of programming, stereo effects, 32-bit processors, floating point, presets loaded and reverb and delay assigned to the dedicated bus.

Since 16.4.2, 16.0.2 StudioLive offer 16 input channels and a FireWire interface is designed for recording studio and two live, and comes with a well-integrated state of the art software suite. The 16.0.2 also shows the same user interface and the same high quality components as their brothers and sisters. But unlike the StudioLive 24.4.2 16.4.2 and 16.0.2 StudioLive has MIDI input and output, allowing MIDI control over key parameters mixer.

Input channels 1 to 8 ¼ “TRS line inputs and XLR microphone inputs with high ground clearance, XMAX Class A microphone preamps ™ channels 9 to 16 are configured as a stereo pair odd-even. Channels Odd ¼” TRS line inputs and XLR microphone inputs XMAX equipped, while the channels pairs offer ¼ “TRS line ins, but no microphone input. Channel 13 to 16 also unbalanced RCA line inputs. Individually switchable phantom power on 12 channels of mic preamps . The section also has a talkback mic preamps and phantom power XMAX. You have four starters enough to handle the screens for a small group or event, and adjacent channels and buses can be set to stereo. A stereo 31-band graphic EQ is the main bus.

The 16.0.2 of the Fat Channel processing section includes panning, phase inversion, high-pass filter, compressor, limiter, expander, and 3-band semi-parametric per channel, both the outputs integrated effects, and main bus. The Fat Channel also offers a large LED indicators; mixer Save / Recall, and the channel’s Save / Recall / copy / paste.

StudioLive 16.0.2 ‘s built-in 16×16 FireWire recording and computer allows easy reading and computer work with any Mac or Windows-compatible audio with Core Audio and ASIO, including all major music applications.

As we all live in the studio mixers, 16.0.2 comes with a new PreSonus Capture Storage ™ 1.1 for Mac ® OS X (including OS X 10.6) and Windows ® (including Windows 7). Designed primarily for live capture is a complete recording of a live studio, so all the channels of the mixer is properly positioned songs Capture. Launch Capture, open the new session, click once on the arm all tracks, click Save, and the game is to capture votes from all 16 channels! It could not be easier. You can eliminate the signs and make simple changes, but Capture is not intended to replace the DAW.

Therefore live studio cameras come with a free copy of PreSonus’ pioneering artist Studio One ™ desktop digital audio software for Mac and Windows, which includes unlimited tracks, a full range of PreSonus Native Effects plug-ins a great-sounding new engine sound and more than 4 GB of third party resources. PreSonus offers a very affordable upgrade to Studio One Artist to the more powerful Pro Studio One.

Each mixer studio comes with PreSonus Universal Remote who understands virtual studio live (VSL) bidirectional control software mixer Mac Windows. VSL offers bidirectional control major levels bus canal and Fat Channel parameters; mixtures, effects and equalizer graph. You get insight visual your studio Live Adjusting, so you can see modify and organize and can easily manage your presets and scenes. Managing a studio life with VSL also simple as dragging.

You can also wirelessly control in the studio live 16.0.2 Apple iPad ® PRESONUS running the Remote SL also available free from Apple App Store. Just set up a wireless network between the iPad, and Mac or PC with Remote SL VSL and VSL Control, which is in turn controlled by a mixer in the studio live. iPad SL Remote Control has been designed using the touch-screen control vs vertical landscapes, and other characteristics of IOS.

exceptional ease of use, excellent sound quality, technical, onboard processing and sensing, a tightly integrated FireWire interface, recording the state of the art-and-control software studio living 16.0 .2 has everything you need for small studio and live. With an expected retail price of $ 1299, the latest addition to the family brings studio quality mixing and recording capabilities to musicians who until now could never have them.

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