Novation Twitch

Novation TWITCH Serato ITCH , Traktor And Ableton DJ controller

Novation TWITCH is a DJ controller with a completely new take on DJing. It has Touchstrips to navigate tracks and you can slice-up your beats and mix them back together – totally on the fly. TWITCH has a built in audio interface which is absolutely rock-solid with high-level headphone and main outputs.




Hardware Specifications
Mixer section:

  • 8x pots: EQ and trim
  • 2x channel faders
  • 1x replaceable crossfader
  • 2x Continuous rotary encoders
  • 2x headphone assign buttons – enables respective deck in the cue mix
  • 2x Fader FX assign buttons

Master section:

  • 4x pots
  • Headphone level
  • Master/cue mix
  • Booth level
  • Master output

Controls per deck:

  • Touchstrip with swipe and drop modes
  • Continuous rotary encoder for pitch +/-
  • Cue button
  • Play/Pause button
  • 8x Large Triggerpads
  • 4x performance mode selector buttons
  • 2x Beatgrid buttons
  • 2x sync/keylock buttons

Master FX section:

  • 1x Pot
  • 2x continuous rotary encoders – right hand is also tap tempo/left hand is pressing makes for secondary parameter control
  • 6x FX select buttons

Mic/Aux input section:

  • 1x pot
  • 1x on/off button
  • 1x assign to headphones button

Audio Interface – 24bit at 44.1/48KHz:

  • 2x master outs (L/R) on balanced TRS jacks
  • 2x booth outs (L/R) on phono jacks
  • 2x aux input (L/R) on phono jacks
  • 1x aux gain pot
  • 1x direct monitoring switch
  • 1x mic input on TRS jack
  • 1x mic gain pot
  • 2x headphone outputs (1x TRS jack & 1x 3.5mm jack) both can be used simultaneously)
  • 1x Master/cue switch to change signal going out of Booth outputs between cue & main
  • 1x direct monitoring output – bypasses the software and passes mic/aux input straight to the main outs

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