ASHLY TM-Series Public Address Amplifiers

ASHLY TM-Series TM-335/TM-360 Public Address Amplifiers

Ashly  tm-335, is pleased to announce the release of our 2012 Price List with no increases!  Updated with new products like the TM-Series Mixer/Amplifiers, FR remote controls and a price reduction on Protea Speaker Processors, we are confident our products and prices will fit all of your audio needs.

Do your installations require a quality mixer/amplifier for background music and/or paging? Ashly’s new TM-335 and TM-360 Mixer/Amps are exactly what you are looking for. With features like balanced microphone and line inputs, priority mute capabilities, direct and transformer isolated 25V or 70V outputs, independent gain controls, bass and treble controls, these two products will make your next commercial installation a breeze. Both models have optional rack-mount kits.The ASHLY TM-Series, TM-360 is a Class D 60-watt Mixer/Amplifier with a compact profile. The TM-360 automatically switches to stand-by mode if no input is received for 25 minutes, making it one of the most energy efficient mixer/amps in the world. The ASHLY TM-Series is our 35W workhorse in K-12 Classrooms, Meeting Rooms, Medical Offices, Restaurants and Retail Stores.



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